12 Days of Christmas Day 1

Hello you wonderful FUN teachers!
   Can you believe that there are only 12 days left until Christmas???!!! Crazy, right? In all the craziness, we are going to offer you not one, but TWELVE gifts in celebration of the Teacher’s 12 Days of Christmas! Sound like FUN?

   Here’s how it works…Everyday from now until Christmas, we are going to offer one of our BEST SELLING items for 50% off for that one day only. Each day the product will become a larger resource so that by Christmas, you will be able to grab the most expensive item in our store for only half price!! Nice, huh?
   Today is the FIRST Day of Christmas. We are offering you

     This is the Three Pigs Beginning, Middle and End. Great for sequencing!

   This product is a big seller in our store and is normally $2.50. It is yours today for $1.25. Just click on the picture above to save 50%!
   Don’t forget to check back each day for the 12 days! There’s just one more thing. In remembrance of Sandy Hook Elementary, our second day will pick up on Sunday. We will stop to remember our fellow teachers and precious children who were lost at Sandy Hook and honor their requests for random acts of kindness.
   Several of our blogger friends are participating as well. Click on their links below to see what they have on sale! The link will take you to their store. Click on the words to the right of their logo and it will take you to their sale product.
   As always, have FUN!!
Susan and Kathy

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