Hi Everyone!  We are sorry about being MIA for the last few months….we have had some family health problems.  Hopefully everything is better now and we can reconnect. 

I don’t know about you but as a teacher/mom one of the things that causes the most stress is homework.  As a teacher I always hate to put a great deal of weight on homework grade because I always wonder how much help the students get while doing it.  And as a parent it seems that sometimes we don’t get the directions right or even the assignments.  We have created FREE homework calendars for Pk/K for those very reasons.

Each monthly calendar is one page and includes easy, meaningful activities for parents to do with their kids.  For example,

  • Ask your child to follow simple directions of 1 or 2 steps (go to the kitchen, get a spoon).
  • Identify how numbers are used at home. (address, cooking, telephone, etc..) 
  • Draw a picture of something that rhymes with “bat”.

There are “assignments” written on the calendars for all week days.  Weekends and holidays are not included. 

Parents seem to really like the ease of the calendars and are actively involved in their child’s learning.

You can get your free calendar here.  All 2015 calendars will be uploaded during the previous month to give you time to print it for your students by the 1st.

Hope your families have fun with these and learn along the way!

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