Are you attending the SDE/ I Teach K conference in Las Vegas?

Are you heading to the Vegas Meet Up at the Venetian Hotel afterward?  It’s open to everyone, all you need to do is RSVP here.  When you get there, look for our friends, Cyndie from Chalk One Up For The Teacher and Michelle from Well, Michelle?  (They’ll be wearing an Ace of Hearts on their nametags.)  If you find them, you will hit the JACKPOT!  They will be carrying a gift card to our store, The Fun Factory on TpT, that you can redeem for one FREE product ($10.00 or less).  All the fun begins at 6:30.  So if you’re in Vegas, be sure to join the fun!  We’ll bet the house that you won’t want to miss out!

Oh, and make sure to tell them we sent you!  (This will be the proof that you heard about it from us!)

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