Caring for Cole

Friends, as you hug your children today continue to be grateful for the healthy, sometimes rambunctious child that you are holding.  This little cutie is Cole.  His mom is a teacher friend of a friend of mine.  A couple of weeks ago she took her precious 5 year old to the doctor to find out why he was having such horrible headaches.  He was sent to Vanderbilt immediately and 3 days later had brain surgery to remove part of an enormous tumor.  It is cancer and it’s very aggressive.   He spent 3 weeks in the hospital and has now been sent home.  His family will receive some treatments in Knoxville, but will have to continue to drive to Vanderbilt for some of his treatments and to continue to see his neurologist.

If you would like to help Cole’s family with mounting medical expenses, a bunch of caring mothers and teachers have come together over at Life In Special Education blog to put together a pack of wonderful resources valued at $160.00, for a $25 donation.  Cole has a long road ahead of him and this is one stress we can help his family with.

Head on over to Life in Special Education to get the details for donating and thank you!

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