Celebrate Veterans Day

3 Reasons to Celebrate Veterans Day and a FREEBIE

  1. My number 1 reason to celebrate Veterans Day is the fact that my dad, brother, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and son-in-law are all veterans. Everyone is touched by a veteran in some way. This is a time when we should reach out and thank them.
  2. No matter what your political views are, these men and women have sacrificed something to help protect ME (us). All of them have stories to tell but most won’t share those stories. Growing up I did not understand nor appreciate what all my dad sacrificed. I didn’t understand (and still don’t) what he buried deep inside (psychologically) or the physical pain he endured but never complained about.
  3. Our children need to know about Veterans Day. Let’s teach our children. Reach out and thank a veteran this week, this month, this year.

So……..to all the veterans in my life, thank-you! However, my biggest thank-you goes to my HERO, my DAD! Thank-you. I love and miss you!

Do you have a special veteran in your life? Tell us about them! We will give one lucky person your choice of one of our American History resources! Meanwhile, click on the picture below for a simple, FREE resource for anyone teaching grades K-5.

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-understand resource to help you teach about Veterans Day for Kindergarten – first grades, take a look at this for only $3.50!

Teacher Informational Text
Emergent Reader

Activity/WorksheetsIf you are interested in Grades 3-5, this informational resource is excellent to teach about Veterans Day. Check it out here.

Grades 3, 4, 5
Reading for Details
Writing Activities
Informational text with real photos!

I hope you enjoy the freebie and please, please, please, thank a veteran!

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