Fairy Tales, FUN and a FREEBIE!!

     We love fairy tales! I mean, we LOVE fairy tales!!
     In the last few years, the teaching of fairy tales and nursery rhymes in the public school systems has gone by the wayside. However, current research is urging teachers to bring them back into the curriculum.
     Experts agree that nursery rhymes are great for teaching rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Fairy tales teach story elements such as setting, characters, problem-solution and beginning, middle and end (to name a few).
     We use fairy tales with pre-kindergarten all the way through third grades. We use fairy tales to teach reading comprehension, math, and almost every skill you can think of!
     To help you use fairy tales in your classroom, grab this freebie. (Click here.) We have used this for first, second and third grade students. There is much more to this freebie if you check out our TPT store. Enjoy and have FUN!

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