Final Post for Fairy Tales

   My last two blog posts were about fairy tales. The posts discussed the importance of reading fairy tales for teaching the basics of story elements, teaching the difference between fiction and non-fiction and making predictions. Enriching a child’s imagination and creativity by using fairy tales was also discussed as was the connection to problem-solving.

      Today I would like to talk about another reason we should read fairy tales to our children. How about because children love them!!?? How many times do children beg to hear The Three Bears or The Three Little Pigs over and over again? They don’t ask to re-read the stories because they are learning skills. Children ask for re-reads because they love the stories!

     Use the fact that children love hearing the stories over and over as motivation to help teach skills. One of the stories we like is the The Princess and the Frog. Read the story and then grab this little “freebie” from us. Just see what happens. Click on the picture below to download the freebie. 
   In conclusion, remember that we must read fairy tales to children for many reasons. But…the most important reason to a child is because they love them!
   Have FUN ! Here is one of our pictures.

Click here for your freebie.

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