FREAKY FRIDAY is Baaaaccckkkkk!

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Now for the 5th year, FREAKY FRIDAY is in full swing! If you missed it last week, you want to be sure to check it out the next 3 weeks!

Each October, The Fun Factory joins a group of sellers to offer $1 Deals each Friday in the month and this year is no exception! Each Friday in October, there are incredible $1 deals on over 40 products each week!

Here is how it works:
Each Friday the participating sellers will select one resource from their store (normally priced $3-$5) to mark down to just $1 for the day!

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First Grade Morning Work/Daily Writing

The Fun Factory’s resource for this week is Daily Writing and Morning Work for First Grade.

This NO PREP,  First Grade Morning Work/Daily Writing resource has been very popular.  All you have to do is print. NO PREP time for you! There are so many ways to practice the skills first graders are learning! The skills build as each month progresses and they cover many Common Core (and TEKS) objectives! Some days are easy and some days are a little more of a challenge.

I developed this resource to help me with my intervention classes. They can be used for your morning work, small group instruction, intervention, assessment, homework or center workDaily Oral Language, “Fix-ItSentences, Writing and Language Skills, Sight Word Practice (High-Frequency Words) are all a part of this resource.

Skills covered in November include using Sight Words over and over for review. Also included:

  • Reading, writing and spelling of sight words in context and in isolated ways
  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Identifying statements and questions
  • Handwriting practice
  • Identifying, reading and writing cvc words and changing them into cvce words
  • Identifying, reading and writing cvce words and changing them into cvc words
  • Identifying, sounding out, spelling cvc words
  • Reading and identifying rhyming cvc and cvce words
  • Read and follow directions


  • Complete sentence starters and draw a picture.
  • Write a sentence using a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end.
  • Write a sentence about Halloween.
  • Complete sentence starters and draw a picture
  • Write complete sentences in response to a prompt
  • Make lists

Friday, October 12th, as part of ‘Freaky Friday,’ this resource will be discounted to just $1!

Enough about this!  How will you find the others?


Have FUN shopping!! Stock up now.

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