Get to the “POINT”!!

   I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean. Well, I’m talking about the POINT of a pencil!! Let me explain…
   I have many years in the classroom. During those years, I’ve had many “pencil-stress” moments. Know what I mean??? I’ve developed many ways to eliminate “pencil-stress” which I share with new teachers all the time. However, NEVER, did I say, NEVER have I ever come across a pencil sharpener like this one!!! Please know that I do not work for this company, nor do I even know the person. I was lucky enough to be given one to try out in my classroom. Now the kids will not settle for any pencil that has not been sharpened with this sharpener.
   What is even better, is that the person who designed the sharpener is a teacher himself. Isn’t that the way we end up with things that really make a difference for us?  Another teacher!! No more loud grinding, no more grinding a new pencil until it’s a stub because it won’t sharpen, no more turning the little wheels to try to fit the right size opening, no more burning out motors on the “top of the line” (ha!) electric sharpeners!!!!
  Below is a picture. It attaches to any table. The silver “thing” (don’t know what it is officially called) pulls out and holds the pencil while you sharpen. The “thing” moves and as you sharpen. It slides the pencil to the blades. When the pencil is “ready” (my coworker says when the javelin is ready), the handle still spins but there is no tension. Also, there is a little “pincher” that adjusts to the size of the pencil so there’s no “dialing” to find the right size hole!
   The best part is that if your school buys a case, it comes out to only $13.99 for each sharpener. My principal is going to buy them for every classroom and will save over $600 in the budget next year! 🙂 I’m sure we’ll be able to help find other ways to spend that $600, tee hee hee!
   Troy, (I think that’s his name), I want to buy stock in your company because I think you are going to be a millionaire!! Isn’t it great to hear about something so practical, inexpensive, AND is made by a teacher??!! They also have rafflecopters for give-aways sometimes so be sure to check out the site.
   I hope I’ve made my POINT!!!
   Have FUN,
Susan and Kathy

 The company name is Classroom Friendly Supplies and here is the website. 

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