Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, FUN Followers!
   Halloween is and always has been one of our favorite holidays!  Susan loves to dress up in costumes!  She does not need a holiday though!  Here she is as Mother Goose reading to our classes.

The children loved it, but I think she loved it more!

SEEING the cute costumes is not the only thing I like about Halloween!  I also like going through my own kids goodie bags and picking out as much chocolate as I think I can talk them out of.

In our classroom we also have fun  at Halloween time.  One thing our kids like to do during center time is Scrambled Sentences.

Each sentence has a different picture that goes with the sentence.

They work together to make the words make sense.

When they finish manipulating the cards they get a Build a Sentence worksheet.
There are still words to manipulate by cutting and pasting them in the right order then writing the sentence on the writing lines.
This is just one of the fun  things we have planned for Halloween!
To see the Scrambled Sentences and Build a Sentence packet, click on the picture below.

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