Happy New Year & Currently

Hello Everyone!
   Hope you had a FUN New Year’s Eve!!! It’s always hard to get back to reality, isn’t it?
   So much work goes into Christmas preparation and then so much work goes into cleaning up afterward. Have you ever regretted any of it? Well, I can honestly say, I don’t regret ONE second!! Don’t get me wrong….I don’t like all the W.O.R.K. but I love, love, love the “work”.  Does that make sense to anyone else?
   All my friends think I’m crazy. Maybe there is at least one other person out there like me???!!!
   Anyway, I am happy to see 2014. Too many sad things happened to me in 2013 so it is a year I’m happy to say goodbye to.  Now CURRENTLY……

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  1. You just remided me that we really should be putting away all the decorations–they were fun though. I hope you get to see your grandbaby soon! I like all the colors you have here on your blog!
    Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

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