How to Make a Game Spinner in 5 Easy Steps and a FREEBIE!

Stop Those Flying Papers!

As a teacher, do you get tired of papers flying across the room when trying to use a pencil and a paper clip for a spinner? Make this spinner and you won’t have that problem anymore!

Make This Game Spinner in 5 EASY Steps!

Step 1

Gather the following materials:

  • Your spinner – To make them last even longer, print on card stock and laminate!
  • 2 large paper clips
  • Masking tape or packaging tape

Step 2

Next, open one end of one of the paper clips. Punch the open end of the paper clip into the center of the spinner.

Step 3

Press the paper clip flat against the back and tape it down with masking tape, painter’s tape, or packaging tape.

Step 4

The paper clip will now stand up on the printed side of the spinner. Take the other paper clip and place it over the taped clip. Students hold the clip that is upright and spin the clip that is flat on the paper. No more flying papers!!


This spinner is from my Earth Day resource which can be found HERE.

Other great resources using a spinner can be found HERE. This is the bundle but the individual resources can be purchased also.

If you are looking for more information on Blends and Digraphs (with a freebie), go HERE!

If you made it this far, here is a FREEBIE for you!

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please email me at



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