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Hello Everyone!
   In case you missed the post on The Teaching Tribune, I’d like to share something I did for my RTI kids. If you would like even more amazing tips and information about intervention, be sure to check out the other posts on The Teaching Tribune.
   I was working as a Reading Intervention Specialist with K-2. The first and second graders had to pass a sight word test for promotion standards. We were using Guided Reading and Running Records but had to step it up to get these kiddos to be able to read a minimum of 75 out of 125 words. Flash cards and regular intervention methods were not working fast enough. What was something unique I could do?
   Well, we began to sing…write…sing…write…you get the picture. It was so cute when the kids would break into a song when trying to remember a word. Their classroom teachers wanted to know what in the world was going on!
   Take a look at this video. Notice how one of the students misspelled the word but still sang it correctly! Too cute.

Moral to this story……..100% of the kids in intervention passed the sight word test!! Grab your freebie for some of these songs. Enjoy and help those sweeties sing their way to success the FUN way!

Songs for High Frequency Words, FREE!!

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