Look at this!! Fun Factory Referral Rewards!

Hello again you FUN people!
   Kathy and I have decided to start a FUN referral reward system for our TPT store! Here’s how it works…..

  1. You refer a friend who goes to our store and buys something. 
  2. They rate the product and leave a comment that they were referred. They can use this statement: “I was referred by a friend.” They don’t even have to give us your name because you will give us their TPT buyer’s name when you email us.
  3. Then all you have to do is email us at thefunfactory12@gmail.com, give us your friend’s TPT buyer’s name and tell us what you would like for FREE!!
  4. You may choose anything of equal or less value of the total of your friend’s purchase. 

   You may do this with as many friends as you would like! Of course your friend is also eligible to refer anyone they would like!
   Easy and FUN!!! Tell all of your friends and you may end up with a whole year full of products for FREE!!  We like FUN and FREE, don’t we?
   We’ll look forward to hearing from you and your friends.
   Have a FUN New Year!! Click on the picture below to go directly to our store!
P.S. This is good for digital products only (the free part).

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