New ASCD Book Review, Causes and Cures by Margaret Searle

   This new book from ASCD  is fabulous and is quickly becoming my new go-to “Bible”! This book gives case studies in different content areas and grade levels. There are so many strategies and tools given to help our struggling students so they don’t wear us down.    
    Brain research about the root causes of  these difficulties is discussed and a 5 step protocol is given to address academic and behavior issues.  
   There is an ASCD Study Guide to enhance understanding and application of the information contained in the book. See the information at the end to access the study guide.

 Click on the picture for a discounted copy of this 2013 book!
   Here are some of the Chapters…

Chapter 1. What Is Executive Function and How Does It Affect School Performance?
Chapter 2. Planning and Problem Solving: Failure to Launch and Follow Through
Chapter 3. Memory Skills: Why Do I Stink at Math?
Chapter 4. Organization: How Can I Get Better at Writing?
Chapter 5. Focusing Attention: What Did You Say and Why Can’t I Read?
Chapter 6. Impulse Control and Self-Monitoring: Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
Conclusion: Tips for Supporting Students

Causes & Cures in the Classroom: Getting to the Root of Academic and Behavior Problems was written by Margaret Searle. This 179-page, 7″ x 9″ book (Stock #113019; ISBN-13: 978-1-4166-1632-0) is available from ASCD for $20.95 (ASCD member) or $27.95 (nonmember). Copyright © 2013 by ASCD. To order a copy, call ASCD at 1-800-933-2723 (in Virginia 1-703-578-9600) and press 2 for the Service Center. Or buy the book from ASCD’s Online Store.This ASCD Study Guide is designed to enhance your understanding and application of the information contained in Causes & Cures in the Classroom: Getting to the Root of Academic and Behavior Problems, an ASCD book written by Margaret Searle and published in November 2013

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