School Closings – Coronavirus – Free Teacher Resources

As the coronavirus continues to spread, more and more schools are closing for an extended period of time. This is leaving schools and parents frantically trying to come up with a plan to keep students learning and engaged while schools are closed. We are here to help with FREE resources.

If you or anyone you know needs to know what to say to children preschool (PK) through second graders, here is something you might find helpful. It includes original handwashing songs to teach children (other than singing Happy Birthday 2 times).

This is a homework calendar with developmentally appropriate activities that caregivers can do with young children, preschool and Kindergarten. This calendar is completely EDITABLE so you can change any of the activities. One version is ready to print and hand out! Go HERE if you need the March version. 

If you would like monthly calendars sent automatically  to your inbox each month, go HERE to tell me where to send them. I also send special freebies out during the summer months.









These times are unprecedented and it is scary for all of us all over the world! Because of this, we want to save you time hunting for activities to send home. Several Teacher-Authors have come together to give you some FREE resources to help you plan for the extended school closures. Many of us have waived our Terms -of- Use so that you can share resources with families through email or a secured online platform.

Just click on the logos below which will take you to each store’s FREE category. Download away. Additionally, there are links below which will also take you to FREE resources. I hope these will help you. 

AND….Please remember to be kind and leave the authors nice feedback. It is VERY much appreciated!

Fabulous Teacher-Authors Offering FREE Resources 

More FREE Resources!


Primary Economics 

Fruit and Vegetable Sort

Sight Words, Level 1


Plants Graphing and Writing

Animal Classes Reference Chart

Spring Math Games – First Grade

Linking Language to Math

2nd – 4th

Dog or Cat Journal Activity

Word Search Puzzle

Multiplication Math Fact Practice

Thank you Teacher-Authors!

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