Spring…ing into the ABC/Word Work Center

Come in and see our ABC/Word Work Center. 

Our center is filled with books and materials to promote students’ automatic recognition of the alphabet.  There are numerous opportunities to manipulate the letters, put the letters in correct sequence, see the letters within words and do picture/sound/word sorts.  Below are just a few of the activities we have this week.  The great thing is, we can keep the format and just change the word and picture cards to make a “new” activity.

We have placed a bookshelf to hold the materials needed for the center next to a table.  We also made a grid with colored electrical tape on the floor for students to sort picture or word cards.  This one has word cards for sorting syllables.  The  second picture is spelling the word.

Of course, we visited the dollar store AGAIN and found a vowel poster.  Instead of decorating the wall with it, we cut it apart and made another activity for the kids to play on the carpet.

We have these two activities especially for sequencing the alphabet.  These activities also require the students to sit on the floor, not the specified table.  This way we can get more kiddos at the center at the same time.

We attached twine to two legs of a cart and put clothes pins with the letters written on the pincher part.  Students select the pictures with the correct initial sound and pin them on the “clothes line” in alphabetical order.

The kids really love placing word cards in alphabetical order with this giant floor alphabet strip (3 sentence strips made by me and taped together )

What are some of your favorite,  FUN and meaningful activity ideas for your ABC/Word Work Center?

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10 Replies to “Spring…ing into the ABC/Word Work Center”

  1. Wowzers! Can I be in your class? Too much fun! As a therapist, I love all the fine and gross motor work that you tie into your activities.

    Besides a fun classroom, I think your blog is probably just about the cutest teacher blog I've seen. Kudos!


  2. Julie,
    Thank you so much! We do have as much fun as we can get away with. Thanks for the kind words about our blog. Christie Fultz did it for us and we love it (and her) 🙂

  3. Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by. We would love for you to tell the kindergarten teachers about The Fun Factory, thanks.
    Kathy and Susan

  4. Donna,
    So glad you stopped by. I found some great blogs through Zoom Zoom's blogger list as well. What a great idea she had. We really do love Dollar Tree too!

  5. Oh my goodness! How did you two make it rain shamrocks?? I love it! You have to tell me how to do this…and make it simple, you know how techo-challenged I am! Richi


  6. Hey Richi,
    I've been thinking about you. Wondering how you are. I will email the directions. Susan actually did it from there.

  7. Carrie,
    Floors, walls, ceiling … you know whatever it takes! Thanks for stopping by.

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