Spring…ing into the Classroom Library

After a week off for Spring Break (YEA) we came back ready to keep our room redesign going.  This week we focused on the Classroom Library.  To make it a little cozier we put a rug, pillows and a small lamp in our library.  Of course the kids love it, but we wanted it to be a place where they could work with words and stories as well as “read” their favorite books.  So here are a few of our ideas.

We attached a pocket chart with a flannel top to the board in the library so we could retell nursery rhymes and stories.

 This activity is a rebus version of Hickory Dickory Dock.  The poem is placed in the top 2 rows as a model for the kids, then they put the sentences together and fill in the blanks with the pictures.  Some of the kiddos still need practice with rhyming so this activity comes in real handy.

A GREAT activity that we got from our friend over at Crayonbox Learning is working with compound words.  By placing activities like this in the library/reading center we can have more kids at the center with purposeful activities.  Visit Crayonbox Learning Blog to grab this activity by clicking the picture below.

You might also want to visit Crayonbox Learning on TpT to find other fun activities for your kids by clicking on the picture below.

Other activities that help the children retell favorite fairy tales are  
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Students place the pictures of Goldilocks and the Three Bears on a numbered grid in the order of the sequence of events in the story, then write something about the story.

and The Three Little Pigs.

With The Three Little Pigs, the kids place the pictures on beginning, middle and ending sorting mats.  We use a lot of fairy tale activities because the children are familiar with the stories and can analyze the parts easier.

To see these two fairy tale activities and many many more that we use visit The Fun Factory on TpT by clicking the picture below.

Next week we are going to redesign the Dramatic Play Center.  This is actually one of our favorite centers and one where the kids really get to use their literacy skills in “real life” situations.  We can’t wait to see how they like it.

We hope you visit us next week as we continue our extreme room makeover.

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by. We are trying to get meaningful and purposeful activities into each center. We thought word work seemed like a good fit with books.

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