Students Have FUN Learning; While Teacher Has FUN Watching Them Pass “The Test”!!! 

“If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be even smarter, read them more fairy tales!”

Post from Susan:
In our school district, students must pass a High Frequency Word Test as part of their promotion standards that determine if they go on to the next grade.  The last few weeks I have been working really hard with the students who are struggling in reading and did not pass the first test administration given last November.  I am happy to announce that eleven out of eleven passed!!!!

What was the difference?  I stopped the “drill and kill” and put the flash cards and worksheets  away. Kathy and I came up with some FUN activities for the students to do.    Below they are playing Sight Word Dominoes.  They had to match the words and read them to be able to continue their turn at play.  They REALLY tried hard to remember the words that they missed on their first turn so when it came back around to them again they could make the match, read the word and continue on to possibly be THE  WINNER!  What they didn’t realize was they really were becoming winners – THEY COULD READ THE WORDS!

Sight Word Dominoes
Sight Word Dominoes

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Other activities that I used were our I Can Read Sight Word Practice books and High Frequency Word Scrambled Sentences. 
 I have to tell you when I decided to do things a little differently with these kiddos, Kathy and I designed these little practice sheets so they could see the word, write the word, find the word in a phrase or sentence and then unscramble the letters in the word.  We made a few pages to try them out with the students to see what they thought and if it was something they could and would do.  As it turned out they loved them!  (I think they liked the cut and paste of the scrambled words J).  So we asked them what the name of the books should be and they suggested I Can Read.   We added the name of the book and a few super heroes and ended up with a great activity for my little guys.

Super Hero Sight Word Book
For the High Frequency Word Scrambled Sentence game, they worked together to form the sentences and then wrote the completed sentence on their dry erase boards.  This really reinforced the concept of recognizing the words used in context rather than flashcard drills.

Scrambled Sentences
Scrambled Sentences

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I truly feel like these games and activities made the difference for my kids.
We also have a newly listed paid “bundled” product that  contains 8 individual products. 
We believe that by using these activities, there is almost no way  your kids will NOT learn these words too!
One last note….when one of my little girls was told she passed, she said, “Get out of town!  You sure you’re not pulling my leg??!!”  Soooooo cute.

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