Engaging Activities To Teach About Presidents Day in Elementary

Presidents Day is quickly approaching!

As you likely know, this is a national holiday celebrated in the United States to commemorate the birthdays of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and this year it falls on February 20, 2023. 

presidents day

As teachers, this is the perfect time to teach about the history of the United States and the role of the President! 

Here are some simple and fun ideas to help you celebrate Presidents Day in your elementary classroom:

  1. Create a timeline: Create a timeline with your students of the Presidents of the United States, starting with George Washington and ending with the current President. This activity will help students learn about the different Presidents and the order in which they served. With younger students, it may be best to stick with only a handful of notable presidents throughout the years so it’s a little less overwhelming. 
  2. Read some books about presidents: Pick a few Presidents to focus on and read picture books about them to your class. You can then discuss with your students who the president is and what they did that was so important. 
  3. Role-play: Have students take on the role of Presidents, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or a current President. You can pair them up and have them teach each other what their president did and why it was an important part of American history. 
  4. Celebrate with food: Research and make dishes from the Presidents’ favorite foods. For example, George Washington was known to enjoy hoecakes, and Abraham Lincoln loved apples. This activity is a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the Presidents and their tastes. Plus, who doesn’t love a yummy treat? 
  5. Visit a virtual museum: Can’t take a field trip? No problem! Most museums offer virtual tours and you can create a whole virtual field trip out of it. This is a great visual to help students learn more about the holiday and the Presidents of the United States.

presidents day activities

If you’re looking for some easy, fun, low-prep resources, I have you covered! 

Presidents Day Activities Reading Comprehension Passages – Word Search Writing

president's day activities

This  resource is an informative reading comprehension packet with 60 pages of information to use for this holiday for upper elementary students (for some 3rd graders, 4th grade, and some 5th grades). There are writing activities, reading comprehension checks, and a word search. The informational (non-fiction) book will help your students understand how it came into being. 

This resource will also give your students facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Your students will enjoy this  60-page unit that contains fun facts about presidents, worksheets, timelines, comprehension checks, fix-it sentences, word search vocabulary, Presidential word problems, writing activities, and so much more! 

Presidents Day Activities Reading Comprehension Close Reading

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These  activities will teach your first and second grade students about this holiday. Reading comprehension is made easy with these close reading activities.  They go along with the informational reader which has many real photos. Students have their own reader to use for many of the activities. Your students will love learning about the holiday, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Many skills are included along with posters and anchor chart pieces.

Presidents Day Scrambled Sentences | Sight Words Building Sentences

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Sight Word Scrambled Sentences or build – a – sentences make a perfect center for Presidents Day or any “patriotic” theme you are teaching! These are Sight Word Scrambled Sentences for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades! 

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By using these activities, you can make this holiday a memorable and educational event for your students!

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presidents day activities