The Dramatic Play Center

     With the beginning of school, we are all setting up our centers. We wanted to repost our Dramatic Play make-over pictures with the explanations of what was done and the explanations. Enjoy!

As Early Childhood teachers we know the dramatic play center is so much more than “play” time. When set up appropriately, this center provides many opportunities for the students to practice important literacy and math skills.  We always look for as many ways as possible to get them reading and writing .  This month we set up a vet’s office.

We made the patient waiting room complete with a sign in board and a basket of books to read while waiting.  You can see two “patients” waiting for the doctor. To add functional print we have a dog entrance and a cat entrance labeled.

During the examination the doctor has many tools – x-rays, bandages, gloves, etc., (all donated by our local vet) as well as “medicines” (we used empty vitamin bottles), a prescription pad, various wellness products, pamphlets for the owners and of course nonfiction books.

 Notice the pocket chart with all of the words we brainstormed for the vets office.

During the actual exam the “dining” table is turned into the examination table.  As you can see our patient has a head wound.

Of course there are patient records that need to be filled out .

After the visit with the doctor is finished, it is time to pay and make a follow up appointment if necessary.  The receptionist will be there to assist the patients. 
We equipped this area with a receipt book, a money drawer, pretend checks, a money chart, a calendar and telephone for making and recording appointments, a phone book, a price list, hours of operation, and a telephone message pad.  Everything the patient and doctor need to complete the visit.
Thanks for touring our vet’s office.  If you would like some of the free functional print we used please click the picture below. 
We have a dramatic play packet with all the forms your kids will need to open a vet’s office, a restaurant, an eye doctor’s office or go on a vacation on an airplane!  Click on the picture below to check it out.

Next week we will be adding literacy to the block center.  Hope you can join us!

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4 Replies to “The Dramatic Play Center”

  1. Thank you Cindy,
    We had so much fun with this center. One of the other kinder teachers covered a small table with aluminum foil to be the surgery table. So cute! The kids LOVE this center!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for stopping by and following us. Also thanks for taking a look at our Animals unit. Headed over to your blog now.

    Susan and Kathy

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