The Fourth of July Fun and a Blog Hop

     We are so excited to join some bloggy friends to bring you lots of fun ideas and July 4th celebrations!
Speaking of 4th of July celebrations….the BIRTHDAY of our country! I feel so blessed to have spent last week in the city of Philadelphia following the footsteps of the birth of our nation.
     As teachers, we tell children we can travel anywhere by reading books. We also know that hands-on learning is the best. Well, I can’t tell you enough how AWESOME it was to visit the REAL places and things I have read about all my life! It just makes all the history so real!!! We need to really keep this in mind when teaching our children!
     Here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy looking and then download the freebie as our thanks for visiting and to help say, “Happy Birthday America!” Then be sure to enter the rafflecopters for some great prizes. The second rafflecopter is one for FOUR lucky people on the FOURTH of July to win up to $10.00 of digital products from our TpT store, The Fun Factory!!

PS…Washington did not sit there during the signing of the Declaration. It was later.

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom for people all over the world! This is the side with the infamous crack.

It isn’t for sure that Betsy Ross made our first flag. However, there are many things written that indicate it was a strong possibility. Whatever the case may be, it is amazing this little house has been preserved since the 1700’s!!


In honor of our country’s birthday we want to give you this birthday book to use with your students!  Click the picture below to get it.

And as an added bonus, all of the participating bloggers have ‘pooled their cash’ to purchase 4 $25 TpT gift certificates and 1 $10 Target gift card!

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65 Replies to “The Fourth of July Fun and a Blog Hop”

  1. Thanks for this opportunity!!! I really hope to win to be able to stock up on second grade bilingual back to school resources! I was switched to a new grade level and reallllly need all the resources I can get! I <3 this blog hop 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. I have been to Washington DC where we visited the White House, Lincoln and Washington Monuments, and the Smithsonian. Your pictures are wonderful.

  3. George Washington didn't sit there, unless it was well after 1781. He was a little busy being general of the Continental Army. John Hancock sat there during the Second Continental Congress.

  4. I love the Civil War and did a mini-trip through Virginia. Natural Bridge and Antietam were lots of fun to visit.

  5. I really enjoyed everything in Washington, D.C., but there is a little place in AL called Looney's Tavern. I'm not even sure if it's still open. But they do a Civil War performance and have good home cooking…it's a fond childhood memory I have of going there during the summers.

  6. Outside of the USA, my favorite historical spot was Anne Frank's home. Amazing to see the small space after reading about her life as a child.
    In the USA, I would say that the Roosevelt mansion in NY. We went there just about every time I visited my grandparents, so there were great family memories of picnics there too.

  7. Your pictures are amazing! Washington DC is on my list of places to visit. Thanks for the freebie!

  8. The coolest historical place I have been is a tie! Gettysburg, Boston, Washington D.C., and all over the upper East Coast. Fantastic family vacations with my kids and hubby in tow.

  9. Erica,
    My sister lives down the street from there on the lake. Unfortunately, they are closed now. However, I did get to see the play!

  10. Jennifer, we didn't make it to Gettysburg but we went to Boston 2 years ago. I didn't think Philly could top Boston, but it did!

  11. I loved seeing all the historical monuments in Washington, D.C. We just got back from a trip to Mount Rushmore. That, too, was awesome to see!!

  12. The coolest historical place I have been is Mt. Rushmore. My second is George Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn!!!

  13. Washington D.C. and the many historical sites there were amazing. Such a great part of history. I've also been to Mt. Rushmore a couple of times and it's very moving.

  14. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and your Giveaway. I loved the Lincoln cabin and statue in Springfield, IL.

  15. My family and I have been so several cool historical places. We have been to Washington DC, Gettysburg, saw Jefferson's home, Boston, Normandy, Plymouth….and my husband and I (without kids) saw the Liberty Bell.

  16. Love all the pictures and will be sure to pull them up to show my kinders! The b'day book is so cute- what a fun memento! Hope you had a great holiday!

  17. I have enjoyed all of the wonderful resources I can add to my classroom next year. I have been to DC, Gettysburg, & Philadelphia. All of these places have so much history & are places that help teach my own kids about sacrifice & determination!

  18. Oh my goodness! I love seeing this pics! I can't wait to take my own kids to all these historical sites someday!

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