We’re Back!!

Hello Fun Followers!
   Believe it or not, we are back. With the beginning of school and a huge project to finish, the blog was put on the sidelines.
   It’s October. Time for lots of FUN activities in the classroom. The kiddos had FUN today with our math”pumpkin necklaces” (except they decided to use them as masks!) We did the Five Little Pumpkins and the 1st picture shows my 5 “pumpkins”. The 2nd picture shows 1 little “pumpkin” who “rolled away” and left 4 “pumpkins”. The 3rd picture shows 2 “pumpkins” who “rolled away” and left 3 “pumpkins”.
   This lesson will continue all week and we will be adding and subtracting “pumpkins” in every way possible. Do I need to tell you they had FUN??!!
   Click here to get a FREE set of our Fall Storytelling Necklaces. If you are interested in the bundle, click here. I can promise your little ones will have LOTS of FUN!!
    Now, I promise not to “roll out of sight” again for awhile. Stay tuned for more FUN from the little ones!

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